Going Gourmet

VRN, May 2017 (ICSC RECon Issue)
By Andrea Lillo (Contributing Writer)

Outlet centers are amping up their offerings to take food and beverage to a new level.

Consumers are more educated about food than ever before, and they have higher expectations for their cuisine wherever it’s encountered. In response, savvy outlet centers are stepping up to the plate, as they make more sophisticated, welcoming food offerings available to their shoppers.

“It is no longer necessary, or smart, to consider food and beverage an ancillary component of a complete tenant mix,” said Karen Fluharty, partner, Strategy+Style Marketing Group. “Just as the outlet center tenant mix has evolved from MFO goods to tenant rosters comprised of high-end and luxury brands, outlet developers and owners should include a variety of dining options, at all price points.”

Operators are also aware that competition now comes from a lot of different sources...

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