What We Do

Shopping Center Consulting Services

Using more than 25 years experience in the industry and insight into each market and its desires, we help developers achieve success by allowing them to envision their project’s full potential. Using an innovative approach for each project, we can help customize your portfolio to fully align your shopping destination with the essential brand promise, maximizing its appeal to the marketplace and feasibility for new projects, market evaluation and new development programs.

Marketing Strategy Development

We carefully develop strategic plans and design creative executions for each client, being sure to make nuanced market adjustments specific to your needs that will distinguish you from the rest while still maintaining your brand’s voice.

Repositioning Marketing Strategy

We recognize the significance of branding your property and the need for your brand to be immediately recognizable and desired. We’ll work with you to successfully define your company’s visual identity and brand voice with interesting, customized graphics and copy that will successfully present your brand to a broad array of audiences.

Public Relations & Media Relations

The media is a powerful tool and we use it as such. Focusing on our client’s brand centric needs, we’ll help you develop a new, comprehensive press and media strategy. We then use strategic planning and best practices to grow, reinforce and measure your brand’s voice while showcasing it in the media.

Advertising & Media

Our strong relationships with popular media outlets coupled with our eye for aesthetics allows us to create a strong presence for your brand using arresting typography, media and bold graphics in your advertising campaign. We will create a campaign designed to not only catch the eye of your target demographic, but also keep them coming back for more. We offer advertising and media services in English as well as other languages.

Digital Marketing

As the digital advertising space continues its rapid growth and ongoing evolution, Strategy+Style Marketing Group can help you and your brand effectively use the space as we  target your specific demographic audience with timely messaging measured with agressive tracking and analytic capabilities. Along with desktop-tablet-mobile ads and digital radio ads placed on well-visited websites, we employ state-of-the-art geo-targeting and geo-fencing techniques to "hyper-target" our intended audience. Along with geo-targeting and geo-fencing capabilities, our digital marketing activity also includes retargeting pixels, behaviorally-targeted data driver qualifiers and Search Engine Optimization.

Interactive Strategy

Interactive strategy is important to develop a web presence and to project the energy, strength and contemporary relevance of your brand. We’ll work with you to spark social interaction and keep your customers interested and engaged, making your brand far more accessible, interactive and measurable for a complete and immersive brand experience.

Tourism & Destination Marketing Programs

We recognize that employing a compelling Tourism and Destination marketing program is essential, as the domestic and international tourism market is crucial to the retail revenue stream. In creating your programs, we use specific strategies designed to position your destination as the destination of choice. Using partnership development and management with tour operators, DMOs and Media, we target audiences where they live, in their native language, allowing us to cultivate long-term customer relationships with your target demographic. 

Research & Market Analytics

Using the 25 years experience in the industry coupled with a knack for researching, watching and predicting the market flow, we dig deep to not only find the information but to analyze it in a way that it can be applied to industry benchmarks and actively help your business thrive.