What We Do

Shopping Center Consulting Services

Using more than 30 years experience in the industry, Strategy+Style Marketing Group helps shopping center owners achieve success by allowing them to envision their investments’ full potential. An innovative approach is applied to each project through customized asset management and marketing plans, maximizing appeal in the marketplace through a mix of branding, advertising, design, media, events and more.


From initial retail leasing phases through grand opening and beyond, Strategy+Style carefully develops and executes strategic marketing plans in addition to designing creative assets for each client. Nuanced market adjustments distinguish each property from the competition and engage consumers across all channels, while maintaining a consistent brand voice consistent with ownership’s vision.


Recognizing the significance of branding and the need for each shopping center to be recognizable and desired, the Strategy+Style team works with clients to revitalize and define a new visual identity and brand voice for each project. Interesting and customized graphics and copy are developed to present brands to consumer and B2B audiences in a unique way.


Experienced in using state-of-the-art research methods, such as geo-fencing, digital/social surveys, and mobile location targeting, Strategy+Style analyzes data against industry-wide benchmarks to identify trends and find actionable information to support marketing, asset management and leasing efforts.


A dynamic web and social platform presence is important to project the voice, strength, contemporary relevance, and most of all, promise of a brand. Strategy+Style works with clients to enhance their online presentation and maximize engagement through website development, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, social media, polls/surveys, promotions, consistency in online listings and more.


Strategy+Style’s strong relationships with popular media outlets, coupled with a strong eye for aesthetics, allows the firm to create a strong presence for each brand. Using arresting typography, media and bold graphics in advertising campaigns not only catches the attention of the target demographic, but also keeps them coming back for more. Advertising and media services are offered in English as well as other languages.


The media is a powerful tool and the team at Strategy+Style uses it as such. By tailoring comprehensive press and media strategies to each client’s brand-centric needs, awareness for brands is elevated and target audiences are encouraged to take action in today’s complex marketplace.


Strategy+Style is passionate about retail and believes that the most successful shopping centers align ownership and retailers’ business objectives. Through its history and knowledge of retailers’ needs, in addition to an expansive network of retail connections, the firm offers an integrated property management solution to collectively drive traffic and sales.


The domestic and international tourism market is crucial to the retail revenue stream. Utilizing its knowledge of the global travel landscape, the Strategy+Style team develops relationships with international and in-market partners, including hotels, attractions, tour operators, Convention & Visitor Bureaus (CVBs), Destination Management Organizations (DMOs), and the travel media, to target travelers (in their native language) and increase shopper footfall.