By Coleen Conklin


Today's U.S. consumer spends five hours per day on a mobile device (Source: TechCrunch) and nearly two hours on social media (Source: GlobalWebIndex), but at the same time she craves real life experiences and destinations that she can enjoy with friends and family. How do shopping centers connect online and offline experiences to drive traffic and sales to their brick-and-mortar locations? Marketing technology. 

The marketing technology landscape is rapidly evolving, with hundreds of different software options available and new ones cropping up regularly. With so many choices, it’s essential to understand which technologies are most fundamental to your goals and how they can help streamline and positively affect your business.

Shopping centers have the challenge of not selling direct to consumers, but rather housing the brands that do so. In addition, there is no single technology or provider that reaches shoppers across all channels and devices. What if there was a way to group several technology services together to create a holistic marketing solution necessary to capture customer data, create effective and targeted campaigns, engage with customers and measure offline attribution?

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